Scare Yourself Silly with These 3 Frightfully Fun Halloween Themed Games!


It is now that time of year that ghouls and goblins come out to play and candy starts to disappear… It’s the beginning of October, which can only mean that Halloween is right around the corner!

Below is everything you need to get your kids in the mood for this upcoming All Hallows Eve! Take a look at our list of games and don’t be afraid to try out your favorites with your very own little ghouls and goblins!



Pumpkin Golf!

We found this fall favorite from the repertoire of This little game is easy to play and easy to set up, all you have to do is alter the objective of an already well-known game into a Halloween theme!

Pumpkin Games golf

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What you’ll need:

A carved and hollowed pumpkin.

A golf club (or any kind of ball pusher, really).

A golf ball (or any small ball that can be easily pushed or bumped into the hole).


Here’s How to Play:

The rules of the game are simple: its mini-golf! Simply grab your clubs, either daddy’s from the hall closet, or a much smaller and child friendly golf set such as the Zooma Sports XL Golf Caddy 9pc Set and you’re pretty much ready to go!

Carve and clean your pumpkin however you like (which is always a totally fun activity to do with the kids), but be sure to carve your pumpkin with a mouth or opening big enough and low enough to the ground to receive a putted golf ball.

Also, you’ll need to be able to retrieve your hole in one, so cut a hole on top of your chosen pumpkin large enough for you to insert your hand to retrieve your winning putt.

Once you’re designing and cleaning and cutting of the pumpkin is complete, you’re ready to hit the links --Halloween style!



Pumpkin Pop!

Keeping with our theme of pumpkins, we present to you –PUMPKIN TOSS! We found the inspiration for this idea from the fabulous Miss Rachel Ray, and couldn’t help but share it –with our own touch of flair of course.

Pumpkin Games

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What you’ll need:

Multiple large pumpkins (at least three (3), all being different in size if possible.

Bean bags or any weighted balls.

Paints (or any kind of visual decorator).


Here’s How to Play:

To play this game, cut open a large hole in each pumpkin and hollow out the interior. Once cleaned out, paint the borders of the hole so that the opening you created is easily visible from afar. While you are painting, go ahead and mark score values onto the pumpkins too! (5 points, 10 points…).

Take the hollowed out, carved, and painted pumpkins and place them at variable distances away from the “launching point”. And that’s it!

Assemble your players and have them attempt to toss their projectiles (the before mentioned bean bags or weighted balls) into the hollowed out pumpkins –who ever gets the highest amount of points wins!

Want to Raise the Stakes?: To make the game a little more difficult, or just to keep the older kids interested, consider cutting the holes of the pumpkins into more difficult shapes rather than just a single large hole. Perhaps a triangle, or a round hole but with “teeth” that guard the opening. Be creative!

Want to Raise the Stakes even Higher?: Consider swapping out bean bags and weighted balls with filled water balloons that only count as receiving of points if they stay in-tact after being thrown into the pumpkin’s opening.



Boo Bowling!

For a simple game that is still oodles of fun, trying modifying a game of bowling with this simple Halloween theme!

There are two ways to set up this particular game. One is messy but still tons of fun, and the other is much cleaner and easier to clean up and also loads of fun! We’ll cover both:

Outdoor Boo Bowling!:

6 Bottles of Soda (either 1 liter or 2) to use as Bowling Pins. (NOTE: You can fill the bottles with water or keep the original soda inside for a rather “explosive” effect when bowled over).

A heavy pumpkin to use as a bowling ball (or a real bowling ball if you have it).

Paints and decorative materials (Tape, construction paper, paints, etc….).

An outdoor playing area.

Indoor Boo Bowling!:

A Mini bowling set such as the Zooma Sports Bowling Kit with ball and pins, or a mini pumpkin.

Paints and decorative materials (Tape, construction paper, paint etc….).


Here’s How to Play:

Regardless of which option you choose (indoor or outdoor Boo Bowling), it is the “bowling pins” that will be receiving the decorative paints and materials. Decorate, draw, and paint onto the “pins” the faces and designs of your favorite Halloween themed characters such as a ghost, a witch, a vampire, a mummy, Frankenstein, a goblin, a Jack ‘O Lantern, a werewolf…you name it!

Once your pins have been properly “spooky-fied”, set up your bowling alley of choice in a traditional manner and get ready to send you’re your ball or pumpkin down the lanes for a scary strike!

NOTE: If you are playing the Outdoor Boo Ball, be aware that it potentially can lead to a pretty sticky situation (the soda bottles like to get excited and in extreme cases burst when you roll strikes over and over again). We suggest playing outside on the patio where the mess can easily be hosed off.



Have a Halloween game of your own that you want to share? Let us know what your favorite game is on our official Facebook Page! We’ll see you there!

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing how you Play Inspired!

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