About Imperial Toy

Imperial History

Founded in 1969, Imperial Toy, LLC is the worldwide leader in the sale and manufacture of bubbles, novelty toys and more. Imperial continues to grow with award-winning proprietary brands, innovative products and the hottest nationally and internationally-known licenses. Celebrating 50 years of fun in 2019.

Imperial’s proprietary brands include Super Miracle Bubbles, Blitz, Splat X, KAOS. We also pride ourselves on our sub brands namely: Super Miracle Bubbles, Miracle Bubbles, Legends of the Wild West, Life-Like, Googly, Fuzzbies, Fun in the Sun, Runway Pink, and Buddy-L.

Our wide range of popular licenses include: Disney, Marvel, Little Tikes, Nickelodeon, Thomas the Tank Engine and Paw Patrol. Imperial distributes to over 75 countries worldwide, from locations in Hong Kong, San Diego, Mexico. Imperial Toy has its corporate office in North Hills, California and locations in Hong Kong; San Diego; Bentonville, Ark.; Tijuana, Mexico; London, England and Modena, Italy.

At Imperial, our mission is to be First in Fun!

  • First in developing and creating engaging products
  • First in customer satisfaction
  • First to market with the most innovative new toys
  • First in staying current with the evolution of play

We are committed to engaging our customers with quality and innovation.

  • Dependability: Build trust by producing consistent results
  • Service: Create a service-oriented culture
  • Value: Make products that surpass the value expected by retailers and customers
  • Innovation: Be on the forefront of change in all areas of business

We value a creative, fun, exciting, and challenging work environment that breeds a passion for innovation and consumer satisfaction.


  • Hire and retain the most talented people in all areas
  • Think like an owner with a passion for the business
  • Preserve integrity at all times
  • Build a diverse staff with unique backgrounds and perspectives


  • Always surpass customer expectations with innovative, durable, value-focused, and high quality products


  • Grow and maintain a reliable and efficient supply chain with ingenuity and integrity domestically and abroad


  • Cultivate a positive, collaborative, rewarding and results-oriented culture

Imperial Global Commitment

At Imperial, our goal is not only to manufacture and sell innovative and creative toys; it is to sell and manufacture them responsibly. We are committed to best practices in sustaining the environment, and manufacturing safe products.


  • Recycling and reuse of paper at corporate headquarters
  • Launching sustainability initiative in partnership with major retailers, to reduce the amount of packaging materials used across all categories and products
  • WEEE compliant for European products
  • First ever 100% recyclable PET bubble bottle launched in 2007


Imperial's toys are tested to the highest standards of local, regional and worldwide testing standards, including:

  • ASTM
  • EN-71
  • RoHS compliant

Social Audits

  • Imperial is extremely proactive in the area of ethical (social) audits of factories
  • Imperial employs teams in the USA, Hong Kong and China offices dedicated to Social Audit compliance
  • ICTI member since 2005

C-TPAT (Custom’s Trade Partnership against Terrorism) Member

Imperial is committed to the protection of global trade. The existing threat of terrorism since the tragic events of September 11th has prompted U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to tighten security at U.S. borders, and to warn the importing community of the extreme supply chain susceptibility to breeches in cargo security. To address these cargo security concerns, a joint government-business initiative called the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) has been developed. The program’s goal is to strengthen overall supply chain and border security by building cooperative relationships between U.S. Customs and the trade community. In an effort to fulfill our responsibilities as a compliant corporate citizen and as a member of the C-TPAT program, Imperial Toy has adopted measures that protect our supply chain by preventing security gaps. We have implemented specific security measures and best practices that help safeguard our entire supply chain.