Scare Yourself Silly with 3 More Frightfully Fun Halloween Themed Games!


Last week we shared 3 of our favorite Halloween games with you, and just in case those 3 games weren’t enough –or you already have played them more than a few times and are craving more—we’re back with 3 MORE Halloween games! Let the playtime continue!

Pumpkin Patch Stomp! This is an easy one to set up, but still offers a frightfully good time. We found the inspiration from the lovely blog of Delia Randall of .

Put candy inside the balloons, blow ‘em up, and using only your feet – pop the balloons to release what’s inside!!

pumpkin stomp halloween game

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What you’ll need:


A good set of lungs.

Candy, money, or notes to insert inside the balloons before inflating.

Here’s How to Play: This game is pretty simple, but tons of fun. Take your balloons and before you blow them up, insert whatever prize or objective you decided on into the limp balloon. Once slipped inside, go ahead and blow up the balloon and tie it off. Repeat this process until you have a satisfactory amount of stompable balloons.

If you’d like to take it an extra festive step, you can draw spooky ghost or monster faces with markers onto the inflated balloons! Or you can do what Delia did and use orange balloons and draw on a pumpkin design!

Once you have all your prize or objective bearing balloons blown up and tied and decorated, gather your players and having them use only their feet, tell them to start stomping to release what’s hiding inside! Set their playtime to Halloween themed music as they participate in their very own monster mash!

Want to raise the stakes?: For more fun, make Pumpkin Patch Stomp part of a relay game! Have your players divide into teams that each have their own separate balloons to stomp. However, instead of candy hiding inside, only one balloon on each side has the needed ticket that allows the team to move on to the next game! 

Want to raise the stakes even Higher? Instead of candy, each stompable balloon has an individual letter inside that when collected and combined with all the other letters --spell out a Halloween themed keyword! The teams have to collect all the letters and spell out the word completely to win!

Best Skeleton! – This game is great for both the older kids and the younger –and even adults too! It’s also a great way to get even those who aren’t directly playing to feel involved in the action!

What you’ll need:

Black clothing such as a long sleeve shirt and pants (If no dark clothing is available, then a dark colored blanket is acceptable.

Lumination Glow-in-the-dark Markers or any other kind of washable glow-in-the-dark paint.


A location that is well lit that can quickly switch to almost complete darkness (such as a windowless room or basement with working light switches).

A timer.

Here’s how to play: The teams break out the black shirts and pants and put them on their “model”. Even a dark colored blanket draped and wrapped around them will work just fine.

In the given amount of time (1-2 minutes depending on the age and art skill level of those playing), the teams must design and draw onto their dark-garbed models a full sized skeleton with their Lumination Glow-in-the-dark markers in full lighting. They will not be able to see their work as a whole due to the bright lights shining on them as they draw with the glow-in-the-dark markers.

Once the time is up, the artists must step back and then the judges kill the lights so that the work may be fully seen and evaluated in the dark! The team with the crowd favorite and best looking glow skeleton wins!

Sticky Spider Web! This game is a blast for the little ones, and can easily be taken up a notch to entertain older audiences to get them involved too!

sticky spider web halloween gamePhoto by

What you’ll need:

A large doorway, or other framed in space that is wide enough to simulate the open and contained space of a large doorway.

The stickiest tape you can find --and lots of it!

Lightweight tossables –such as newspaper pages that have been wadded up into balls.

How to Play: Take a door way, or any framed in open space, and create a “spider web” made of the stickiest tape you can get your hands on. Duct-tape, painters tape, even Scotch tape works well. Set up your web with all of the sticky sides of the tape facing the same direction. Once you have your sticky web created, gather your players facing the sticky side of the tape --it’s time to get ready to play!

Have your players toss the wadded up newspaper balls into the spider’s web and try to get them to stick in place. It’s harder than it looks, trust me. Whichever team has the most wads caught in the “web” when the time is up –wins!

Want to raise the stakes? The original poster of this idea (Jamie of Hands On As We Grow) used wadded up newspaper as the playing piece of the game, but to kick things up a notch and have this classic game be made a little more challenging –try playing using only light ball launchers like our PopZooka Launcher or even our Kiddy Up Pit Balls tossed with these KAOS Zeus launchers! Players are not allowed to use their hands in this game of precision and trajectory –only the launchers! First team (or player) to get four of their launchables to stick to the “spider’s web” is the winner!

That’s all for now, but of the games we shared, which one is your favorite? Let us know what your favorite game is on our official Facebook Page! We’ll see you there!

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing how you Play Inspired!

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