Night-time "Playspiration"


Take a look at that picture above. Yes, it actually says “Glow Stick Markers” but what does that mean? It means that it’s a glow stick… wait for it… THAT WRITES!

Can you believe that? Yes, this is indeed an innovation in glow technology, thanks for asking!

All our lives we accidentally crack a glow stick excitedly and spill glow liquid everywhere, but now we can actually use it to write and draw! Just like your momma told you, glow will stain the carpet, so Imperial includes felt sheets to write on! (Glow markers write best on porous surfaces like felt or thick cloth).

Here’s how it works: Take out the marker and crack it like a traditional glow stick. Once it’s cracked, shake it like a Polaroid picture, and relieve the pressure inside by pressing the marker tip against a hard surface you don’t mind getting some ink on. Now you’re ready to write!

Now that the marker is glowing bright, it’s time to write! The Glow Stick Marker works best on thick fabrics. The best surfaces for these markers are the felt sticker sheets that come with each marker. With the sticker sheets, you can create cool figures or shapes and stick them to your clothes for mess-free fun! The sticker sheets are easy to cut and customize, making them the perfect complement for Glow Markers! Another great way to use the Glow Stick Marker is to use them on plain shirts and hats. The Ink will stain clothes, but if you get a plain white shirt or hat, the ink will show up extremely well and you can have a huge writing surface! The possibilities for this marker are limitless!

We like to take ours to concerts and parties; we even made a glow mural once! 

The Lumination Glow Stick Marker comes in green, yellow, orange, blue, and pink.

When you write, illuminate the night!

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