Honua Bracelets: Do You Connect with the Sky Element?


Honua Bracelets sky

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Your head is in the clouds, and your heart lives on a rainbow!

The Sky Element describes the power of the mind; it is the force of intellect, inspiration and imagination. It is ideas, knowledge, dreams and vision. Whether you connect with the Northern Lights, Sunset, Aurora, Rainbow, Cloud, or Raindrops, you connect with the Sky if you are intensely curious and always a student in life’s classroom. You are adventurous, just like the wind! Your emotions are what set you free and your thoughts are what you set sail on!

Connect more with your Sky element through these foods and treat ideas!

Sky Jell-O with Fluffy Clouds! Reach high up into the clouds and take a bite! Now you can have the entire sky in your own jar with this easy and delicious Sky Jell-O recipe! The best part about this treat is there is no baking required! Just a couple of blue Jell-O packets and some fluffy cloud-like whipped cream! Just scoop the blue Jell-O into their little jars with a few scoops of whipped cream in between, and watch as your diners’ faces light up! You can even try to find animal shapes in the whipped cream clouds! Follow these easy steps from One Little Project!

Honua sky jello treats

Galaxy Donuts! A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...These tasty treats are definitely out of this world! Be the captain of your own star ship and swirl yourself into another galaxy! You’ll be soaring through the stars and onto the final frontier with this amazing Galaxy Donuts recipe by Tastemade! Not only are these treats as beautiful as the night sky, but they will have your kids in awe and completely star struck!

Honua sky galaxy donuts treats

Hot Air Balloon Cake Pops! Up! Up! And away! Prepare yourself for lift off because the sky is the limit with these treats! With each bite of these whimsical Hot Air Balloons, you will soar high above the ground and into the clear blue sky. These tiny bite-size cake pops are adorable as they are part fantasy, and they’re much easier to make than you might think! Give yourself a new creative outlet and try creating your own cake pops by following My Story in Recipes, but be careful not to be swept away!

Honua sky hot air balloon cakepops treats

Rainbow Cupcakes! Here comes the sun! Taste all the colors of the rainbow with these electric and elevating cupcakes by Delightfully Dowling! Not only will your kids love to eat these colorful treats, but they will also make you feel like a kid again! You won’t be able to resist the sheer fun that these cupcakes scream out, from their rainbow frosting to their even brighter core! They are sure to brighten up anyone’s day!Honua sky rainbow cupcakes treats

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