Celebrate National Bubble Week With Bubble Blitz!


Los Angeles, March 2, 2016-  Join Bubble Blitz™, the leading brand of premium bubble solution and bubble toys, in celebrating National Bubble Week March 7-13, with giveaways, contests and special promotions!  

Bubble Blitz™ bubbles float higher, last longer, and engage the young and young at heart in hours of active play. “National Bubble Week is always a special time for Imperial,” said Tim Nolan, President of Imperial Toy, the manufacturer of Bubble Blitz™, “We hope everyone has a chance to go outside and share in the joy of bubbles!”

#CeleBlitz National Bubble Week with Bubble Blitz™ by:

  1. Getting Blitz Bubbles: For the entire month of March, all bubble products on will be 25% off with promo code CELEBLITZ.
  2. Getting Social: HAVE FUN! Share your Bubble Week pictures with us on Facebook and use the hashtag #CeleBlitz #BubbleBlitz
  3. Getting More: Visit on March 7-13 for giveaways, contests and more!

Bubble Blitz™ premium bubbles and toys can be found at Target, Walmart, and other fine retailers:

  • Bubble Fantasia: The Bubble Fantasia pumps out a dizzying amount of bubbles in seconds! It spins 360Ëš while projecting a multi-colored light show!
  • Bubble Blowout:  Featuring eight wands and premium bubble motor, the Blowout blows thousands of continuous bubbles in seconds!  
  • Bubble Whirlwind: Make a stream of bubble with the Bubble Whirlwind! Dip the six whirlwind wands and press the button to make hundreds of bubbles in seconds! The Bubble Whirlwind also features multicolored spinning lights for an endless bubble light show!
  • Bubble Flurry: Dip the handheld Bubble Flurry’s wands into bubble solution and press the button to make hundreds of bubbles in seconds.

Visit for more information.

The Award-Winning Bubble Fantasia

About Bubble Blitz™

Bubble Blitz™, manufactured by Imperial Toy, is the world’s best bubble brand with durable, high performance bubble toys that generate a dizzying amount of bubbles in seconds. Premium Bubble Blitz bubble solution is formulated to create bubbles that float higher and last longer.

About Imperial Toy

Founded in 1969, Imperial Toy is a leading maker of licensed and non-licensed kids’ bubbles, seasonal products and novelty toys. Imperial Toy brands include Blitz ®, Super Miracle Bubbles®, Miracle Bubbles®, Kaos®, Splat X®, Lumination™ Glow Markers, Buddy-L®, Legends of the Wild West®, Googly®, Fun in the Sun® and Runway Pink® and various others.


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