Bring The Beach To Your Backyard


Even if you can’t make it to the beach, you can bring the beach to you with some innovation and imagination—and get the kids in the mood for a beach day!

DIY sandbox

With this DIY Sandbox, anyone can have their own beachside play place! A built-in backyard sandbox is a great way to keep the kids occupied for hours—they’ll have so much fun digging holes, building castles, creating moats and playing: all the fun things we all used to do in the sand growing up. Even if you don’t have much yard space, a simple sandbox is always a fun and interesting addition to the landscaping. This tutorial shows you how to do it on a minimal budget. Surprise the kids and be the coolest parent on the block!

Sandbox Blueprint


Indoor sandcastles

If you don’t want to make a backyard sandbox you can still get the little ones making sandcastles with a few basic supplies from the craft store—and these castles will create less mess and last for some time as a beautiful sand sculpture! Fun like baking, but also something you can display for guests, this long-lasting “sand” is fun with every step—from making the material with the kids to building sandcastles together. Get inspired with this amazing tutorial from Meaningful Mama. Your kids will thank you for bringing the beach home—bonus points if you get mini seashells, glass gemstones, and pebbles for them to decorate their creations with!

Beautiful Sand Castle Sculpture


Seashell crafts

Use seashells your little ones found at the beach (or buy some from the craft store!) to create beautiful and interesting decorative pieces for your home. Get a cheap wooden frame and glue the shells on to bring a beachy, summer vibe to your family room and use it to display a picture of you and the kids. Try something a little more intense with this seashell wind chime tutorial—beautiful, elegant, and fun to do. Just make sure you’re around—this one requires adult supervision!

Seashell chimes


Sand footprint keepsakes

Have family fun with your children and make a beautiful memento for yourself with this DIY sand footprint activity. Use the sand from your homemade sandbox and Plaster of Paris from your local craft store to create this souvenir and enjoy some quality time with the little ones in the meantime. Check out the full tutorial here.

Plaster Footprint Molds


Water balloon toss

Bust out the balloons and get ready for loads of laughter. There’s so many ways to play water balloon toss, but the one we think is the most fun involves darkness. Get the kids in the yard, put blindfolds on them, and get them to chase each other (and you!) around and try to hit each other with the balloons. Make sure at least one adult is not blindfolded, though—somebody needs to supervise! This awesome link has tons of ideas of how to use water balloons for endless fun—kids love it and grown-ups are guaranteed to have a good time! KAOS Tie-Not makes tying them fast and easy.

Water Balloon Toss


Ocean in a mason jar

Remind the kids of the fun they had at the beach with this easy and fun DIY craft! All you need are a few dollar store supplies, water, and food coloring and you’ll be ready to make these gorgeous decor pieces for the kids’ rooms. Gather your supplies: some beach stones that the kids collected, aquarium plants, plastic fish toys, blue food coloring, a mason jar, and, of course, water. The full tutorial is online here—this won’t take too long, won’t make a mess, and will inspire the kids to craft more.

Mason Jar Keepsake


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