Best After-School Activities for Kids


Back to school season has passed and autumn is officially now in full throttle!

Come 3 p.m., legions of energetic kids will come bursting through the school doors as the bell welcomes the long awaited cry of “It’s time to go home!” With all that pent up energy inside your little ones from being inside all day …how do you keep your kids entertained when they make their way back home?

Here are a few of the best after-school activities to keep kids active and engaged. Who knows --they might just learn a thing or two in the process!

Leaf Sensory Bins

These will feel like your kids’ own little fall Zen garden! Leaf sensory bins are easy to create and fun to use --not to mention all of the necessary elements can be found right in your own backyard!

After school activities sensory bin

Using ingredients such as acorns, pinecones, popcorn seeds and a few fall leaves, this simple yet neat activity is brought to you by Angela Thayer, and is an awesome fall activity that can engage your children’s senses and might even have a Zen effect on them in the process, too.

Create Your Own Obstacle Course:

There’s nothing kids love more than the rush of a race. You can keep this one indoors or save yourself the mess and take advantage of the beautiful fall weather.

After school activities obstacle course

Kids can be as creative as they want, design their own course, and challenge their friends to a race.

The creative possibilities are endless with this indoor/outdoor activity that will keep the kids active until the sun goes down. Move aside Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior, there’s a new ultimate warrior challenge in town!

Indoor Ball Play:

What kid doesn’t squeal with joy at the sight of a ball pit? Take the excitement of the ball pit into your own living room with a variety of games and activities using nothing but simple ball pit balls and various items from around the house to create a ball adventure wonderland!

After school activities color sorting game

Set up a color recognition ball toss game with nothing more than a white poster board and colored holes to match the balls. Try setting up your own skeet ball game to hone your kid’s arcade skills and provide a little family fun competition. If you’re feeling really adventurous, stock up on Kiddy Up Pit Balls and create your own ball pit just like popular YouTuber Roman Atwood’s viral video sensation Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!! For endless hours of fun times. The possibilities truly are infinite!

Tag Team Drawing

This is a great activity for you and your kids to do together since Tag Team Drawing is all about creative stimulation and working with others. Following these easy rules from Recreation Therapy Ideas and using nothing more than a few art supplies --you’ll be blown away at the hilarious and silly outcomes of your kids combined illustrations!

After school activities tag team drawing

For this one all you need is a timer, paper, and drawing tools (crayons, markers, colored pencils). Have your little ones gather together around a table together and give each of them a sheet of paper and whatever drawing tools they wish to use. Set your timer for about 30 seconds and at the start of the timer –tell ‘em to draw! They can draw whatever they’d like for 30 seconds, but make sure they don’t complete whatever they are doodling, just get it started.

Once the timer goes off, they all must pass their started art work to their left so that they now have a new piece of art that is already started in front of them. Tell them to rotate the piece of paper 90 degrees to the left, and now that they are looking at it sideways –start the timer for 30 seconds again and tell them to add to the existing art!

Keep doing this swapping, rotating and adding until the masterpiece returns to the original artist. Once it is back where it started, your kids will giggle and crack up at the ridiculousness of how their art turned out!

If all else fails, remember it’s fall! A good ol’ fashioned leap into a giant pile of leaves never fails to entertain, and it also crosses off a few chores from your list (you have to rake ‘em up to get those leaves to get into prime jumping condition)!

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