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Bubble Toy Tips and Safety

What happens if I drink Bubble solution?

Imperial Toy strongly suggests that you do not drink the bubble solution, however it is non-toxic and will not cause you harm if swallowed. If you feel nausea after ingesting the solution, drink lots of water. For a list of ingredients look at our ingredients list:
Bubble Solution MSDS

Why doesn’t my Little Tikes® Chomper blow bubbles?

The Little Tikes® Chompers are not meant to blow bubbles, they have more fun counting them! After you blow the bubbles using the provided solution and wand, press your chomper to help you count and eat all the bubbles. Check out our other Little Tikes® Bubble products!

Do I need to buy the specific bubble solution that comes with my product or will any brand work?

We recommend using only Imperial Toy manufactured bubble solution. Our solution is made to the exact specifications of our bubble products. Using other manufactures solutions with our battery operated bubble toys could potentially limit the life span of the object as well as the amount of bubbles that are produced.

The bubble solution won't stick to my bubble wand. What should I do?

If your bubble toy is malfunctioning please reference our "Tips To Working Your Bubble Toys" in the Bubbles Toy Tips and Safety section of this page.

Why doesn't my Little Tikes® Chomper count to 50?

If you find that your Little Tikes® Chomper only counts to 5, switch the on/off switch located at the bottom back of the feet from "try me" mode to "on."

Tips For Working Your Bubble Toys

Please try the following before reporting that your toy is broken:
  1. Make sure the batteries are brand new and inserted correctly.
  2. Run hot water through the toy and let it soak in warm water for 20 to 30 minutes to clean up any dust and build up.
  3. Hold the trigger for 2-5 minutes allowing the bubble solution to coat the wand.
  4. If the bubble solution is coming from the wand but not coating the wand, run your finger over the wand to create a film. Also try slowly turning your toy upside down to help the bubble solution into the reservoir. Hold in that position for a minute. Or try tilting your toy slowly down ward while pressing the trigger.

Product Safety

Which products contain latex?

Please refer to our attached list of items containing latex. Warning: The only way to be certain that an item does not contain latex is to read the ingredients located on that items' tag. Click here to see a list of items with Latex.

Is the Runway Pink™ and Livin Large™ make up safe to use?

All of the make up found in Runway Pink™ and Livin Large™ has passed rigorous safety testing and is non-toxic. If you know you have allergies to specific ingredients please make sure to read the ingredients lists located on the back of every package. If you develop a skin irritation after using a make up products wash with cold water and discontinue use immediately.

How do I remove Runway Pink™ and Livin Large™ make up?

To remove make up wash affected area with warm water and mild soap.

Replacement Parts

Where can I go to get replacement parts?

Imperial Toy offers a limited quantity of replacement parts on select items only. If you are interested in ordering a replacement part for a Buddy L® vehicle, SpongeBob SquarePants item or a Legends Of The Wild West® item please click here to fill out the request form.

Where to Find Imperial Toys

How do I place an order?

To find a retail store in your local area click here. Presently Imperial Toy does not sell products directly to consumers.

Consumer Product Safety Commission News and Recalls

Were can I find if a toy is being recalled?

For news about Consumer Products Safety, or to find out about recalls, review the following CPSC information window.
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