Turning your Backyard into a Water Park


Right around the corner is one of the best seasons of the year: Summer! The sun is shining, the kids are playing outside, and school is out! The only problem is: how do you stay cool without a pool? Turn your back yard into a water park of course! Here are 5 easy ideas to turn a scorcher into an outdoor adventure with your kids!

1. DIY Water Slide!

This activity is so simple. All you’ll need is a poly tarp, a garden hose and some shampoo!

  1.  If your backyard has a slope, spread your tarp over this area. If not, a flat surface works well, too!
  2. Spread the shampoo over the tarp. This makes it slippery!
  3. Hang the hose over a close line, tree branch, or hold it up yourself.
  4. Voila, you have your own DIY Water Slide! 

tarp and hose.jpg
Photo from: Happy Hooligans

2. Water Balloon Baseball Station!

Put a creative splash on the traditional game of Baseball with water balloons! You’ll need a plastic baseball bat and your favorite water balloons. We easily filled our water balloons with our KAOS TieNot Now you’re ready to pitch!

Baseball water balloons.jpg

Photo from: iCandy-Handmade

3. SPLAT Art Paintbombs!

For these epic Paintbombs you’ll need:

  1. Water Balloons
  2. Cornstarch
  3. Food Coloring
  4. KAOS Pumping Station with water!  

Mix all the ingredients into the KAOS Pumping Station and pump the solution into your water balloons! We used our KAOS Water Balloons for this!  Now get the kids to drop or throw them on the sidewalk or driveway to create colorful SPLAT art!

splat art.jpg
Photo from:  Growing a Jeweled Rose

4. Sprinkler!

Why complicate things? Let’s take it back to the basics! A sprinkler is a sure way to keep the kids refreshed, cool and entertained for hours!  These cuties are playing with the Little Tikes Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler!

little tikes beach ball sprinkler.jpg

5. Squirt Gun Water Race!

For this water game you’ll need: a string long enough to cross the “race track” twice, red plastic cups and water guns!

  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of two plastic red cups.
  2. Put the string through the holes on the bottom of each cup so that the bottoms are facing each other.
  3. Loop the string around a tree or fence post
  4. Tie the other end off so that the track is taut
  5. Line up the cups side by side on one end.
  6. Now get the kids to face off and shoot water into the cups, pushing them down the string.
  7. The first cup to reach the other side wins!


Photo from: Design Dazzle

Time to get soaked! Don’t hesitate to show us photos from your Backyard Water Park on our social media channels!

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