Trendivity: Hot Creative Toy Trends from New York Toy Fair!


Some of the hottest new toys of 2016 were revealed at New York Toy Fair last week and you won’t believe some of the awesome trends we saw!

There were four main trends this year: tech toys, unplugged play, creative toys, and collectibles. Last week, we did a blog on collectibles, 10 Cool Collectibles Kids Love which you can find here, and right now we’re going to take you through some of the awesome creative ideas and playthings from Imperial Toy!

When something new comes out, it seems like artists will always find a way to make something extraordinary! Our Lumination Glow Stick Markers inspired one artist to recreate Starry Night in glow! THAT is really cool!

Amazing Glow Version of Van Gogh's Starry Night

These markers are really useful for many different things! You can even throw a cool glow party like this one without a black light!

Simple Glowing Party Setup!

Awesome Glow Party Idea!

Source: Caryn G

Markers aren’t the only way to create! Sometimes, some good old fashioned chalk will do the trick just fine!

Many street artists create amazing art with chalk.

Amazingly Creative Chalk Art

Source: Jo Hill

I bet you didn’t see it at first, but the bottom of this image is all done with chalk! This piece was done by Joe Hill, and many other amazing artists create art like this every day!

Of course, we’re all about awesome DIY stuff here! Another way to practice your creativity is by making awesome paper flowers! Check out Vanessa Warrington’s DIY article here!

Amazing Paper Flowers! 

Source: Homelife

Remember that the only thing limiting your play is your endless imagination! There’s always a fun activity to do if you think creatively!

Thanks for reading and as always, Play Inspired.

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