Rainy Day Activities: How To Keep Little Ones Entertained Indoors


Good news: You and the kids finally have a day to spend together and you could not be more excited. Bad news: it’s cold and stormy outside—so stormy that the kids won’t be able to play in the puddles ‘till it’s back to being sunny. So they’re stuck inside—overexcited and bored. Not the best combo. Now is your chance to be the super parent, grandparent, or caregiver! Here’s how to keep the kids entertained indoors—without sticking them in front of the TV.


Rainy days don’t have to be all bad. Use the bad weather as a backdrop to cozying up with the kids around the fireplace (or the space heater) with a big, warm blanket and take turns reading from a new book. Or crack open an old favourite and bring those waves of nostalgia back. Introduce the kids to your favorite story from when you were younger, or let them find something on the bookshelf that they haven’t touched yet. Either way, this family activity is low-key and calming, and will help strengthen your relationship with the little ones.


Treasure hunt

Easy, fun, and ultimately rewarding, a treasure hunt is a sure-fire way to get the kids to stop thinking about the bad weather outdoors. Write a handful of clues down on paper and place them in sealed and numbered envelopes. Let each clue lead to another one, until ultimately, the final one leads to the ‘treasure,’ be it a new toy, a candy stash, or a coupon for the kids to choose an activity for the family to do together. This will keep the little ones entertained and working collectively for an hour or two—and bring you closer together.


Family scrapbook

Bust out those old photographs from the family vacation and get ready for some memories. Get out the glue, craft paper, and ribbon and get the kids to help you craft a mini family scrapbook that you can all cherish for years to come. And don’t forget to lay newspaper down on the table—glitter tends to leave a memory for years to come.


Living room fort

What’s a better memory from your youth than building forts in the living room? Get all the blankets together, take the cushions off the couch, and help the kids make a cozy indoor palace to hang out in. Get them to bring their favorite toys in with them, supply them with snacks, and let the cuddly camping begin.



Quality time and snacks—what more could you ask for? Find your favorite recipe (or dust off that old cookbook and try something different from the usual) and get the kids to help you in making some delicious cookies or brownies. The best part? They get to lick the mixing spoon clean after. Check out some amazing cookie recipes here.


Hide and seek

This is a classic for a reason. Encourage the kids to find new hiding spots in the house and have a hard time finding them (ignore the giggles coming from under the bed). We don’t have to explain this one—you know the rules!


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