Outdoor Inspiration!


Outdoor Inspiration!

With so many excuses to stay indoors and on the couch, sometimes kids need a little motivation for some outdoor fun! Outside play gives kids the freedom to let their imaginations run wild, while allowing them to learn and grow! Imperial has some great outdoor inspiration that is sure to launch your kids into the fresh air with a huge smile! 

There are very few things as unique as an exciting water balloon fight on a hot summer day! Just simple water balloons are nice, but you need an edge on the competition! With Imperial’s latest innovation the KAOS Aqua Bow; propel water balloons up to 150 feet, creating an all-out water balloon battle!

Keep playing all day long! With the KAOS Battle Pump, you will never be left without ample supply of water balloons! This pump fills their balloons, easily ties the knot, and then, of course you are ready to THROW! The KAOS Battle Pump is the #1 fastest pump filler and will make mom’s job much, much easier!

When you or your kids are in need of some outdoor activity; get some play and a little bit of fresh air! Check out these awesome products that are fun for the whole family to enjoy!

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