Kitchen-Made Science Experiments


Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the weather is perfect, but your child wants to stay inside. School may be over soon, but your child can continue their scientific studies with these fun science experiments! Stick around to watch your kids amaze you with the awesome science of corn starch, lemon juice, and Borax! Who knows—maybe you’ll learn something too! Best of all, you can do these with stuff you’ll easily find in your kitchen.

Making Goop

Corn starch, food coloring and water—the only three ingredients you need for an afternoon of fun for your little ones!


Kids love touching things that feel different and weird, and this special goop is no exception. It goes solid when you squish it, but it pours like liquid! Entertain the kids with this easy-to-make experiment. Use 1/3 cup of water for every cup of corn starch for the perfect consistency, and add food colouring as you see fit for added fun. Just make sure to throw a couple of newspapers down before the play begins to avoid the mess!


EXTRA SCIENCE: This substance is called Oobleck, named after the Dr. Seuss book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck

Cola & Mentos Rocket

This is a classic experiment and one sure to get the kids excited. This project requires adult supervision, and is super fun for adults! Mentos and Diet Coke create a heck of an explosion that’s much better to do outside, like in the backyard or a park (as long as you make sure to clean up your mess!). Get a 2 liter bottle of Cola and stand it upright in an open area, like a field. To make things a little easier, try to roll up a piece of paper to drop the Mentos into the Coke bottle through a tube. Make sure you are here to do this part—this experiment can be tricky. Quickly pour about half a pack of Mentos into the bottle, then run away and make sure to watch. The explosion is awesome! The kids will love it. Find the scientific explanation here to throw a little education into the day.

EXTRA SCIENCE: Check out these scientists’ experiment! WOW!

Invisible Ink

When life gives you lemons, make awesome invisible ink! Use lemon water to write a secret message or draw a secret picture, and watch our child’s excitement as you bring the message back to view with nothing but light! Squeeze out some lemon juice into a bottle cap and add only a few drops of water, making sure not to dilute the lemon too much. Dip a Q-Tip into the juice to write a secret message onto some plain white paper, and let it dry completely. Afterwards, heat it up with a lightbulb by holding it close—but don’t burn the paper! The message should show up! If you want to switch things up, grab some Lumination Glow Stick Markers and let your kids light up their messages for all to see!


Rock Crystal Candy

This is one of the more long-term experiments, but with a great payout: homemade candy your kids can eat! What’s better than tasting the fruits of your labor? Get a measuring cup or a jar, a cup of boiling water (be careful!), 2-3 cups of sugar, a wooden stick (a chopstick will do), and a clothespin. Slowly add sugar to the boiling water as it dissolves, and put the clothespin over the top of the jar to hold the chopstick in the solution. Leave overnight and snack in the morning! Check out the full recipe here.


Making Slime

Slime isn’t goop. In fact, slime and goop couldn’t be more different. While goop makes quite the sticky little fingers, slime isn’t sticky—it’s gooey and stretchy and weird. Check out this cute tutorial a young scientist posted for how to make it. This is a great activity to join in with your children! Slime is super easy and uses only food coloring, PVA glue (white glue), Borax, and water. Check out the full recipe here!


Growing Crystals

Don’t put that Borax away just yet—there’s still one last thing you can do with it: Grow some beautiful crystals (though these aren’t edible). Teach your kids about patience and help them decorate their rooms with some awesome stuff they made! They can even show their friends and classmates at the next show-and-tell! Super-cool vlogger emmymade shows us how in this super-quick video—and this experiment only requires two ingredients and parental supervision!


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