How to Make Targets for your Flying Toys


Spring has sprung and that means everyone will be having more fun in the sun! Aim for maximum fun by creating your very own homemade targets for your flying toys!  Whether it’s with your Splat X Launchers  or Power Poppers™ you and your child can make the perfect homemade target for your favorite flying toy!

1)Soda Cans


This target is simple and it’s a great way to teach your children about recycling!  Collect 5-10 used and cleaned soda cans, and line them up along a table, curb, park bench or porch railing. Have your child stand about 5 feet away and aim to hit all the cans in a row! Be sure to recycle them when you’re done!

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For extra play time: Help your child hang their soda cans from a string and give them a push! This adds to the challenge and teaches your children about timing and rhythm!

2)Paper Tree Target

The classic target is always an option, but if you want to get creative with your child, try breaking out the markers and designing your own target! You and your child can come up with tons of creative designs, such as a goal post or UFO!


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3)Hula Hoop!

For this target you will need a hula hoop and a big open space. Your back or front yard would be the perfect setting! Have your child set up their hula hoop a few feet away from you and aim to land as many of your Power Poppers in the hoop as possible.  For extra fun, hold the hula hoop in the air and have your child try to make it through! To increase difficulty, stand further and further back with each round.

 hula hoop.jpg

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4)Hanging Cards

For a craftier project, you can create your own card targets!

What you’ll need: Basic string a deck of cards, and glue (a hot glue gun would work best but be careful, they can be hot!)

  1. Lay out your string in a straight, flat line.
  2. Space out cards along the string where you and your child will want them to hang. You can also get creative and paint the cards!
  3. Apply the glue to the back of the card and attach it to the string.
  4. Allow the glue time to dry before moving or lifting the string.
  5. Once the glue is dry, hang the string target either between two trees, chairs, or any two tall objects.
  6. Fire away!

hanging cards.jpg

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We want to see your homemade targets! Show us on social media by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to play safe, have fun and most importantly #PlayInspired!

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