How to Make Pit Ball Holiday Ornaments!


The holidays are officially here as every boy’s and girl’s favorite month has begun! Put away the pumpkin spice lattes and exchange them for peppermint mochas –it’s December!

Like lots of families, the beginning of the 12th month of the year is when the house begins its transformation from fall and autumn decorations into snow and wintery themed accessories. Wreaths and stockings start appearing on the walls and fireplaces, and of course in many households the tree goes up to bear the brightest and most gawked at of the holiday adornments.

Tinsel, popcorn strings and lights wrap the trees, but our personal favorite decoration is the humble ornament that hangs from the branches. This year, set out on a new tradition and make a few of your own ornaments with Kiddy Up™ Pit Balls! Here’s how!

How to Decorate with Your Pit Balls! Before we can start decking the halls with your Kiddy Up Pit Balls, we first should figure out how you want to have them displayed. There are two popular ways to make this happen, one being that you can poke a long needle and string through and out the other side of each pit ball resulting in a chain, or you can poke and hook the top of an individual pit ball so that it can hang like a traditional ornament.

Both will end up looking absolutely gorgeous as it hangs or wraps around your holiday décor, but really, any way you want to deck your halls is up to your own imagination and creativity. Give your little one some input on what may look best!

Pit Ball Decorations

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Use Paints, Markers, and Craft Supplies to Personalize! When it comes to ornaments, the sky is the limit when it comes to how it’s going to look hanging on your tree.  Use paints, markers, glitter, and stick-on gems to decorate your ornaments and give them a personal flair that is exclusive to you and your little one’s personalities! Doodle pictures, draw each other, paint holiday messages…anything to give your homemade ornaments a little character.

Need an idea to build off of?  Have your little ones draw a self portrait of themselves on their selected pit ball with the year also scribbled on it so that every year, your little one can update their art with a new pit ball each season. A few winters down the road, you’ll have a whole collection of ornaments featuring your little one’s artwork through the ages!

Glow-in-the-dark Pit Balss

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Coat with Metallic Paint! If you prefer the more classical and simplistic yet regal look for your tree, then consider setting out on making your own metallic ornaments this year. Select a pit ball, and once you set down some newspapers in an easy to clean area, spray your pit ball with metallic paint to create your very own beautiful ornament!

Shiny and bright, the original and simple metallic ball hanging from a branch is a staple of the decorated tree –and you can teach your little one a few things about how ornaments are made, too. Don’t forget to let them make a few of their own!


Metallic Pit Balls

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Or Just Hang ‘Em Up As Is! All personalization aside, pit balls are bursting with color and playfulness, so if you just can’t think of what design you want to emblazon on your hand made pit ball ornaments –just hang ‘em as is!

Make that pit ball chain to wrap around your tree for a pop of childlike whimsy, or hang an assortment of colored balls here and there for a more grown up display of everyone’s favorite toy. Really, when it comes to playing with pit balls, you just can’t go wrong!

Pit Ball Tree Ornaments

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Have some decorations in mind on what else can be done with Kiddy Up Pit Balls? Share your creativity with us in the comments section of our Facebook page today!

Thanks for stopping by, and as always we look forward to seeing how you Play Inspired!

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