Honua Bracelets: Which Fire Element Are You?


Honua Fire Bracelets Fire Element

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Your soul and spirit shine bright and vibrantly!

The Fire Element describes the power of action and rebirth; it is creative, active and purifying. You are a fiery force to be reckoned with! Whether you are the Flame, Lightning, Lava, Embers, Sparks, or Ash, you connect with Fire if you are passionate and driven for change. You are wild, free spirited and your energy burns bright like the sun! You are a transformer, and give life back to the world around you!

Connect more with your Fire element through these activities!

Ignite Your Inner Spark! Invite your family or your best friends over for a night-time party to remember! Say goodnight to those you love in a fiery and sparkly fashion! Give each of your guests a handful of sparklers, choose a word and assign each guest a letter to write out. Once the sparklers are lit, ask everyone to write their letter out at the same time and then capture the moment with a picture!  You can print and frame the pictures as a gift to you and your guests!

sparkler fire activity

Bring Some Color to Your Campfire! Have you ever wanted your fire to burn bright green, blue, red, purple or even white? Now you can add some vibrant colors to your fire pit or bonfire by soaking a few dry logs in these different color solutions listed @Real Life Hacks! You can prepare a couple of logs with each color burn them separately, or go wild and burn them together for a rainbow filled fire! As always, be sure you have a parent or adult around when playing with fire!

colorful campfire

Add Some Lava to Your Life! If you can’t bring the volcano to you, bring yourself to the volcano and add some glowing lava to your room! Bring the fiery volcanic energy to your life by following these easy and fun steps and make your very own lava lamp @The Activity Mom! You can choose whatever color you want your lamp and room to glow!

DIY lava lamp

Fiery Treats! We all love s’mores in all their gooey delicious glory! But have your tried toasting strawberries dipped in marshmallow fluff? Or what about Toasted S’more Truffle Pops that have a chocolate truffle center and homemade marshmallow crème! Spend some time with your family this weekend wrapped around a warm and cozy fire, and enjoy these yummy treats together from @Ashlee Marie!

marshmallow truffle smores

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