Honua Bracelets: Do You Connect with the Water Element?


Honua Bracelets Water Element

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Your inner strength and beauty flow fiercely!

The Water Element describes the power of rejuvenation; it is cleansing, healing and purifying. You have a powerful yet calming force that helps revitalize everything around you. Whether you are the Tsunami, Ocean, Coral, Glacier, Surf, or Waterfall, you connect with Water if you are compassionate and loving. You are strong, determined and your spirit flows free like the river!

Connect more with your Water element through these food and treat ideas!

Raindrop Cake! Capture the beauty and serenity of water and raindrops with this mesmerizing dessert, the Raindrop Cake! This sweet and serene treat is created exactly as it seems, it is a delicate combination of natural spring water and natural gelatin. Create this beautiful and mystifying dessert by following the simple steps from How To Cook That, you can even add a beautiful edible flower that further demonstrates the stunning and magical powers of water!

Honua Bracelets Water Element Raindrop Cake

Sea Glass Candy! Dive deep into the dark and mysterious depths of the ocean and uncover its forgotten treasures! This edible Sea Glass Candy may look like beautiful shards of tumbled sea glass, but your kids will discover they are actually deliciously sweet hard candy in delightful flavors like apple, blackberry, and cotton candy! You can create these for any ocean or beach themed activities or keep these beautiful sea glass creations out for others to admire! Visit Happiness is Homemade to learn how to create your own!

Honua Bracelets Water Element Sea Glass Candy

Beach Party Popcorn with Chocolate Seashells! Experience an adventurous day at sea scavenging the seashores for hidden treasures! Fill your beach buckets and pails with this extremely fun and delicious Beach Party Popcorn coated in sandy cookie crumbs and sprinkled with hidden chocolate seashells and starfish! For this beachy and sandy treat, follow the simple steps from Hungry Happenings!

Honua Bracelets Water Element Beach Party Popcorn

Peanut Butter Fudge Starfish! Take a trip under the sea with this adorable and tasty sweet starfish treat! Nestled on a Rice Krispie sandy beach with homemade candy seashells, this Peanut Butter Fudge Starfish will be a hit with the whole family! The best part is this creative water snack is easy to make with just a few simple ingredients that most will find in their pantry! Visit Hungry Happenings for instructions on how to make this cute sea creature!

Honua Bracelets Water element Peanut Butter Fudge Starfish

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