Honua Bracelets: Do You Connect with the Land Element?


Honua bracelets land element

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Let your energy and positivity shine outward from deep within!

The Land Element describes the power of conservation; it is grounding, shielding and spiritual. You are a center of high-level productivity and positivity, are rooted to the world and feel the energy of the flora and fauna around you. Whether you are the Rainforest, Meadow, Oasis, Canyon, Garden or Forest, you connect with Land if you blend with your natural habitat and work to heal. You tend to and care for the green world around you, and inspire others to take care of theirs.

Connect more with your Land element through these activities!

Sleep Among the Tree Tops! Re-connect to the earth like many have for centuries! Climb up high into the tree tops and let all your worries and inhibitions go! Fasten your tree boat (a tented hammock) to the branches and sleep in the middle of the trees, suspended from the branches in the air.  After you watch the sun set from your breathtaking view, you will feel the wind move through your hideaway and you will be lulled right to sleep!

Land Element Tree top camping hammock

Feed the World and Let it Feed You: Start Your Own Vegetable Garden! Connect more to the physical world around you and contribute to the cycle of life! Start your own vegetable garden and learn where your food comes from and how it’s grown and taken care of. Not only can you choose to grow what you like, but you will gain a better understanding of the important relationship and connection that you have to the soil, the plants, the air and the insects and animals around you! You impact them as much as they impact you; you are all connected. The best part is you can share this experience with your friends and family and learn together! Simply follow Planted Perfect’s easy guidelines!

Land element vegetable garden diy

Go Barefoot in the Park! Strip those shoes off and feel the soil and blades of grass as they kiss your feet! There are many health benefits found from walking barefoot outdoors, such as decreased emotional stress and anxiety, strengthened and stretched foot muscles and tendons, as well as, absorbed natural energy from the earth below. For those energetic and early risers, take your yoga routine outside and meditate to the rising sun! Take a deep breath in and feel as the world around you awakes from its slumber!

Land element barefoot outdoor yoga meditate

Return to the Land with Dog Sledding! Experience the world like your ancestors did! Explore the breathtaking wilderness with a magical dog sledding adventure! You can choose a half day, full day, multi-day or even overnight moonlit dog sledding trip! Live in a winter wonderland with your own dog team running softly ahead of you; all that you have to listen to is the sound of the wind rushing past you, the sled underneath you, and the huskies’ breath in the crisp clean air!

Land element dog sledding trip

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