Honua Bracelets: Do You Connect with the Fire Element?


Honua Fire Element bracelets

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Your soul and spirit shine bright and vibrantly!

The Fire Element describes the power of action and rebirth; it is creative, active, and purifying. You are a fiery force to be reckoned with! Whether you are the Flame, Lightning, Lava, Embers, Sparks, or Ash, you connect with Fire if you are passionate and driven for change. You are wild, free-spirited and your energy burns bright like the sun! You are a transformer, and give life back to the world around you.

Connect more with your Fire element through these activities!

Cinnamon Flame Suckers! Capture the spark of the fire’s flames and set your taste buds ablaze with these roaring candy suckers! Not only will they light up everyone’s faces with excitement when they see the flaming candy, but the spicy sweetness of the cinnamon will have their mouths tingling too! You can experiment and shape the flames exactly how you like, and in any color that you like - try blue and green for a spooky flame. Simply follow the steps on Ashlee Marie to ignite some flaming fun!

Honua fire elements cinnamon flame suckers

Fire Roasted Breadsticks! Gather ‘round the campfire with your friends and family and warm up with these toasty treats! A fiery take on a wonderful classic, the campfire breadstick will leave everyone wanting more. As detailed by Shock Munch, simply wrap your choice of bread dough around a campfire stick, season, fire, and wait. You can tailor these doughy treats any way you like with any seasoning you like, and even make these a sweet treat by seasoning the dough with sugar and cinnamon! For an added twist, wrap your dough around a hotdog or sausage and then fire them up!

Honua Fire element fire roasted bread sticks

Campfire Cupcakes! If you and your family can’t make it to the cottage or campgrounds before the fall sets in, create your own fiery getaway with these cute campfire cupcakes! They are as delicious as they are wonderful to look at! All you have to pack for this camping experience are some pretzel sticks, small marshmallows, cupcakes, and frosting! Make it a family event and have everyone pitch in and decorate! Take a look at these easy and fun steps from The Typical Mom to make your own.

Honua fire element campfire cupcakes

Waffle Cone S’mores! You can’t enjoy a fire without enjoying the final and all-time classic, the s’more. These next-level s’mores will be sure to melt everyone’s hearts! The days of the traditional s’mores are gone, now you can enjoy all the goodness a s’more has to offer, in a waffle cone! Add your marshmallows, chocolate (try using more than one type of chocolate!), caramel, peanut butter, and anything else you like and toss it all in a waffle cone!  Wrap the stuffed cone in tin foil, place it near your campfire or fire pit, and then wait to unleash the gooey goodness! For more instructions, visit Mother’s Niche.

Honua fire element waffle cone smores

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