Honua Bracelets: Appeal to your Inner Sky Element


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Your head is in the clouds, and your heart lives on a rainbow.

The Sky element describes the power of the mind; it is the force of intellect, inspiration and imagination. It is ideas, knowledge, dreams and vision. Whether you connect with the Northern Lights, Sunset, Aurora, Rainbow, Cloud, or Raindrops, you connect with the Sky if you are intensely curious and always a student in life’s classroom. You are adventurous, just like the wind! Your emotions are what set you free and your thoughts are what you set sail on!

Connect more with your Sky element through these activities!

Take a Trip to the Clouds! Take a trip on a plane and soar through the clouds, or plan a hike and climb to the summit of your local hill or mountain! Take yourself to new heights and breathe in some fresh air! Or for the more adventurous sky seeker, take a sky diving lesson and let yourself fly freely!

Fly a Kite! When was the last time you let a kite set sail in fresh air? Feel the gentle breeze on your skin and see how high your kite will climb! Grab your friends and see who’s kite will fly the longest! For added fun, you can create and decorate your own kites, take a look to see how to create your own! @My Best Kite

Gaze at the Stars and Sunrise! Take a moment to actually gaze at the sky, there is a lot to see! Start your journey at night and go star gazing. You can do this in your own back yard, or you can venture to your local astronomy club for information on the best star gazing spots! And if you’re feeling adventurous, make it a slumber party! Nothing will feel more refreshing and revitalizing than waking up with your loved ones and watching the sun rise. As the day is resetting, take in a deep breath and feel yourself renew as well!

Let your Lanterns Soar! You will want to gather your friends for this nightly activity. Give each one of your friends a Chinese Lantern and have a ceremony just as the sun is setting. Make a wish and light your lanterns! When the air inside your lantern is hot enough, let go and watch as your lanterns float off into the night sky!

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