Fun Cardboard Project Ideas for Kids!


Sometimes the best kind of creative canvas is a blank one! This weekend, try something new and go straight to the box! A blank box can be a great source for imagination and inspiration for a child, the creative possibilities are endless. All that is required is some cardboard, time and imagination! You can use any saved cardboard boxes and paper rolls lying around, or head over to your local appliance store and ask for any leftover appliance boxes they may have. Fire up your little ones’ excitement with these fun cardboard projects below!  

Run Marbles Run! Transform the leftover tubes from your paper towel rolls into a maze or marble run! You can design this to hang from a wall, window or door and let gravity work its magic! The kids can change up the layout of the cardboard tubes and see how many different pathways they can make! For groups or parties, set up a few marble runs and see whose marbles get to the finish line first! And if the kids are under 3 years of age, you can construct larger cardboard tubes out of cardboard boxes and use your Kiddy Up Pit Balls as your marbles instead!

Cardboard projects for kids marble run

To Infinity and Beyond! While there are several great play houses, castles and domes to create with cardboard, we think this one soars above the rest! Ignite your kids’ imagination and send them on a mission to the Moon and stars in a rocket ship! And while this rocket looks impressive, it can be made entirely with items found around the house. To add an outer space glow, poke a few holes in the top, push a few twinkle lights through, and they will feel like they have landed among the stars! For more instructions on how to easily craft this out-of-this-world rocket ship, visit Kate’s Creative Space!

cardboard projects for kids rocket ship

Calling All Superheroes! With everything parents do, they’re definitely full-time superheroes too! So why not create some superhero fun for everyone? These next two activities will have your whole family charging with superhero might as they cruise in their favorite superhero cars and flash their classic superhero cuffs! And as you may have guessed already, they’re both made with cardboard and paint! This slick and stealth superhero car by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar can be personalized to match whatever color or design your little ones want. Whether it’s blue, black, pink or purple, they can be any superhero they choose! But wait, a real superhero needs an accent piece! These adorable personalized superhero cuffs by Kate’s Creative Space are just the thing.

cardboard projects for kids superhero car

cardboard projects for kids superhero cuffs

You’ve Got Fairy Mail! Start your kids’ day with a smile and send your loved ones daily fairy mail! This cute cardboard mailbox can be decorated in any way the kids want, with these easy steps from Over The Big Moon. When they wake up in the morning they can read the mail that the ‘fairy’ left them, and can write their own replies to send back! This is also perfect for Grandma’s letters sent to them on special occasions like holidays or birthdays, or for those days when they just need a little encouragement or praise. Who can resist waking up to find a surprise in their very own mailbox?!

cardboard projects for kids fairy mail

Have your own crafty cardboard activities that you love to create with your family? Leave us a comment and share them with us by visiting us on Facebook!

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