Five Fun Father’s Day Festivities!


Though it comes but once a year, Father’s Day is an important and beautiful day for families everywhere. It helps create valuable bonding time between kids and their dads, and encourages fathers to spend more time with their kids, furthering the role model influence that they already have. Spend this Father’s Day together in style with these awesome activities to do as a family.


Encourage your little ones to handcraft a storybook with construction paper and pipe cleaners as binding. Tell them to write a short story featuring their dad, the hero, or all the things they love about their father. Heartfelt and original, this is sure to bring a tear to the eye of even the manliest and stoic father out there.

Story Book Craft

Neck Tie Key Rings

Keychains are a classic gift for a reason—you stick one on your keys and get a sweet reminder of your kids everywhere you go. Make these adorable key rings with your kids and give dad a reason to not forget his keys anywhere. Follow this cute tutorial and feel free to add your own twist on things!

Necktie Key Rings


Backyard Fun

Grab one of our Bubble Blitz machines or KAOS Water Balloon stations for some backyard fun with the little ones and Dad. Get the kids to see if they can take down Dad with their water balloon powers in a backyard fight, or turn on one of our Bubble Blitz machines and get excited about all the bubbles! Fun and exciting, these are excellent ways to cool down this Father’s Day.

Playing with KAOS Aqua Bow Outside

Funny Frame

Any dollar store wooden frame can be transformed into a work of art as beautiful as the picture you choose to put inside of it! Load up your craft box with pom-poms, glue, glitter, stickers, paints, and anything else you can think of and let the kids get creative. Macaroni? Let’s do it! Anything goes. Afterwards, find your favorite picture of dad and the kids and put it in the frame.

Gorgeous Photo Frame


Lego Pen Holder

If your little one is obsessed with Legos, they’ll be sure to participate in this fun Father’s Day activity! Grab a small base piece and build a regular structure with plain ol’ bricks! Adorable, easy, and handmade—everything a dad would want. This tutorial shows you how to put a photo in the pen holder, so the working dad can always have a reminder of the little face that’s waiting for him back home.

Lego Pen Holder with picture frame

There are so many more ideas out there, but these are some of our favorites! Father’s Day might be a couple of weeks away, but it’s never too early to start planning ahead to make his day extra special!

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