Feed Your Inner Land Element!


Honua Bracelets land element

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Your energy and positivity shine outward from deep within!

The Land Element describes the power of conservation; it is grounding, shielding and spiritual. You are a center of high-level productivity and positivity, are rooted to the world and feel the energy of the flora and fauna around you. Whether you are the Rainforest, Meadow, Oasis, Canyon, Garden or Forest, you connect with Land if you blend with your natural habitat and work to heal. You tend to and care for the green world around you, and inspire others to take care of theirs.

Connect more with your Land Element through these foods and treat ideas!

Vegetable Garden Cupcakes! Take some time and grow your very own garden, on your cupcakes! These adorable and delectable Vegetable Garden Cupcakes may not require water and sun like your garden in your backyard, but they still need some tender loving care! These treats filled with zesty lemons and rich chocolate goodness are simple and fun to make, just follow these instructions and recipe from The Cupcake Blog!

Honua bracelets land element vegetable cupcakes

Tree Trunk Cookies! These woodsy tree trunk inspired treats will satisfy your inner woodland creature! Pixel Whisk’s Spiced Trunk Cookies are the tasty and delicious treat just right for encouraging your inner land element! Simply follow the steps on the link above, and you will be on your way to crafting your own sliced tree trunk cookies, all with some clever rolling and slicing of light and dark colored cookie dough, spices and chopped almonds!

Honua bracelets land element tree trunk cookies

Crystal Candy Formations! Go down into the depths of the Earth and discover the beautiful gems and crystals it has to offer! Now you can create and enjoy your very own treasures of the Earth with these glimmering Rock Candy Geode treats that are encased in a shell of chocolate! These beautiful creations are perfect for gifts, but we think you might want to keep these for yourself and your little loved ones! Visit How To Cook That to learn how to create your own edible crystal formations!

honua bracelets land element crystal candy formations

Green Leaf Sandwiches! Add some life and greenery to your little ones’ lunches with this fun and easy idea! If you enjoy making your own bread, just add some green food coloring to the dough to give it that vibrant leafy green look! Then slice your baked bread and cut into different leafy shapes and sizes, decorate with green cucumber skins and you have yourself a platter of leafy sandwich goodness! For a fun twist, you can color the dough in yellow, orange and red for the changing leaves of autumn!

Honua bracelets land element leaf sandwhiches

Have some fun ideas that show off your inner Land element? Share them with us on our Facebook page! Thanks for stopping by and as always, Play Inspired!

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