Create Your Own Garden!


It’s National Garden Week from April 11th- 15th and Imperial Toy has put together tips and tricks to help you start your very first garden with your kids! Follow our simple step-by-step guide and your thumb will be as green as grass in no time!


Do your research on the type of plants you’ll want to grow in your garden. It could range from vegetables and fruits, to flowers and herbs! Every plant has its own unique needs, so be sure to decide before you pick up your tools!

Visit to find out if a vegetable garden is right for you! 

vegetable garden.jpg

Check out Victoria Elizabeth’s blog to find out more about flowers and flower gardening!



Visit your local yard supply and plant store to pick up all your gardening essentials like gloves, large and hand sized shovels, rake, and hose! Decorate your child’s special tool with stickers to distinguish it from the others.


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No garden is complete without its own unique style! You and your little one can pick a theme and decorate the garden together!

Our Life-Like Dinosaurs would rule over any garden! If it’s an herb garden, watch out for those herbivores!

How cute is this fairy garden? Add a Bubble Blitz Fantasia for ultimate fairyland fun! Visit Empress of Dirt blog to learn how to make a Fairy Garden of your own!



Your little one will have tons of bubble fun while they wait for their beautiful first garden to grow!

Grab your essentials this weekend so you and your family can make the most out of National Garden Week! Don’t hesitate to get your hands a little dirty and #PlayInspired! Be sure to show us all your gardening photos on our Imperial Toy social media channels!

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