Best Beach Hacks for Family Beach Day!


With only a few days left of summer vacation, now is the time to hit the beach for a Family Beach Day extravaganza! But don’t just go to the beach unprepared, stock up on some of these amazing beach hacks and tips and everyone will be thanking you! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Freeze Your Water Balloons! A day at the beach isn’t complete without a cooler full of goodies, snacks and cold drinks! But with high temperatures, comes the problem we all face: melting ice. Skip the mess and ice cubes for your cooler, and freeze a set of water balloons instead! Not only will they do the same job as ice cubes, but when the ice inside has melted at the end of your beach day, your cooler will be dry but you’ll be soaking your kids and family with a water balloon fight! To fill as many balloons as you want, as quickly as you want, try our number one balloon filler, the KAOS Portable Battle Pump!

Water balloon cooler beach hack

Be Sand Free! Building sand angels can be a lot of fun, but trying to get the entire beach out of your clothes and items at the end of the day can take a while. To avoid getting sand in everything, bring along a fitted sheet! All you need now are a few heavier items in each corner to hold them up and block out the sand! Now you’ve got a reverse sandbox to keep the sand out, and the kids in!

Beach hacks dry area fitted bed sheet

Hang it around your neck! With all the running around, swimming and children climbing and hanging from every limbs on your body, you may not have time or room to carry your wallet. So for those needed afternoon ice cream treats, bring along your money in an empty bottle around your neck! Simply super glue thread to the bottle cap, slip your money into the bottle, twist the cap back on and let it hang! The bottle will be water and activity proof! 

beach hacks waterproof container

Make Your Own Kiddie Pool! For those little ones that you may not want venturing too far, help keep them cool and happy in their own little kiddie pool! Simply dig out a hole big enough for your children to sit and play in, then line it with a shower curtain for the pool lining! Bring a few buckets of water and water toys, then add them to the kiddie pool! And if your little ones prefer to stay dry, you can create your own ball pit and fill the dugout with pit balls, like our Kiddy Up 100 Count Pit Balls! Your kids will be happy to have their own little area to play in, stay cool and best of all, stay close!

beach hacks diy kiddy pool

Freeze Some Aloe Relief! Don’t wait until you get home to cool and soothe those beach day burns. Bring the sun relief with you in frozen cube form! Cool the burns quickly by mashing a few aloe vera leaves and freezing the juice and pulp in ice cube trays! If you start seeing the little ones getting toasty, simply run a few of these aloe cubes over their skin, and they will be happy you did!

beach hacks diy aloe vera ice cubes

How do you spend the day at the beach with your family? 

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