Beat the Back-To-School Blues!


The start of September may bring to mind the onset of autumn, apple picking season and freshly sharpened bouquets of pencils. It can also come with a few nerves and blues as the back-to-school season steps in and summer vacation, steps out.  While you and your family begin to coordinate new schedules, establish new routines and switch back into school gear, help settle any worries and start the school year off on a bright and exciting note!

Ring in the New School Year with a Celebration! Just like we love to celebrate the beginning of a new calendar year, help lift everyone’s spirits and celebrate the beginning of a new school year! Remind your kids that a new school year also brings the chance for a fresh start, new opportunities and new adventures! New beginnings are to be celebrated, so throw a neighborhood BBQ, hold a family movie night, or throw a dance party! The options are endless, but as long as your family spends it together, it will be a joyful celebration that everyone will be thankful for!

back to school celebration party

Share The Experience Through Their Favorite Books! Pick up a few back-to-school books from your local library or bookstore and let them read stories featuring their favorite characters going back to school! It will be easier for them to relate to characters going through the same situation and will help show the positive and exciting experiences related to going back to school! You can also share some of your own stories and talk about the things you enjoyed about a new school year as a child, and they can then share some of theirs!

back to school reading

Enjoy a Supply Hunt and Learning Adventure! A new school year usually brings along a list of new and needed supplies with it! Make this a fun and educational experience by creating a supply ‘hunting’ game with them! Once they put together a list of what they might need, you can help allocate a budget to go with each supply. You can create picture cards of what each item looks like to make hunting and spotting easier! As they help hunt down each item in the store, they can also help track what level the budget is at! In the end once all their supplies have been found, they can help ‘find a home’ for their new supplies and organize everything for the next school year! For added fun to your kids’ pens, try our new Licensed Bubble Pen in Trolls' Poppy, Disney's Minnie Mouse and Marvel's Spider-man now available at Toys’R’Us!

back to school supply shopping

Play the Glad Game! Just like Pollyanna, you too can join in the fun and play the glad game! Instead of letting your kids focus on what might be worrying them about the start of a new school year, have them put a positive spin on each worried thought! Help remind your kids that another year at school also means reuniting with old friends, making new friends, studying interesting topics, and going on field trips! The goal is to help them think positively and visualize a successful year! School shouldn’t feel like a chore, but an opportunity for a new and exciting adventure everyday!

back to school positive thoughts

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