All that Haunting Got You Hungry? Try 4 More of Our Spooky Halloween Snack Ideas!


You can never run out of great snack ideas, and since it’s Halloween, why not step up your snack game with a few “boo!-tiful” twists?

Earlier this week we shared some of our absolute favorite monstrous meal and snack ideas, but of course we have more recommendations than just those! Here are 4 more “spooktacular” Halloween snack, meal and dessert ideas!



Band-Aid Biscuits. Speaking of snacks as conversation pieces, this snack idea that we gleamed from is definitely one that will bring a smile and possibly a squeal or two from your little one.

Based on the concept of that oh-so-familiar boo-boo, this snack replicates the idea of a used bandage! Yuck! Or …Yum? We are on the fence about how to feel too, trust us.

Halloween Snacks bandaid

Photo by

To make this spooky yet quick and easy snack that’s great for parties or just regular snack time during Halloween season, gather vanilla wafers, white icing, and some strawberry jam.

Get out the wafers and smear a small square onto the center of the wafer, and on top of that icing square you just made, drop a dollop of the strawberry jam. And just like that –Band-Aid Biscuits! Let the laughs and squirming from your little ones begin!

Check out the original posting and instructions here!



Cannibal’s Hot Dogs. We couldn’t track down an individual source that claimed to be the original poster of this kinda morbid snack idea, but whoever you are, our hat certainly is off to you. We really had to give the provided pic a few squeamish looks to verify if what we were looking at was real …or just an insanely creative snack!

Halloween snacks finger hot dogs

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It’s simple enough, but VERY effective. Young boys tend to love these, and why wouldn’t they? To make, simply cook up hot dogs as you normally would, but before serving, cut the end off, or “sever” one end of the hot dog, and on the other end cut and scrape about a half inch or so off the top of the hot dog “skin” to make it appear to be a finger nail.

For that next level detail, take your knife and very very carefully cut little lines into the top of the hot dog to simulate knuckle lines (we’re cringing at how creative yet spooky this idea is).

To finish, squirt some ketchup onto the bun before you place your hot dog “finger” inside, and there you have it –a very spooky snack that is certainly going to be conversation piece for weeks to come. Get ready for some very surprised faces come snack time!



Pretzel Spider Webs. This sweet treat comes to us from the lovely website of and is such an easy one to make --so easy that the kids can jump in and help make and design their own!

halloween snacks spider pretzels

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To make these spooky spider themed treats, all you need is two ingredients: mini pretzel sticks, and melting chocolate (seems too easy, right?).

Melt down your chocolate with the “Double Boiler” method (Place your chocolates in a bowl and have it sit above a pan of boiling water, not touching the water though. The bowl heats up and melts the chocolate). While your chocolate is breaking down, get out a tray and arrange your mini pretzel sticks in a circle radiating outward (just like in the picture).

Once your chocolate is melted and cooled down enough that you won’t burn yourself while handling it, pour it into a piping bag, or even just a sandwich bag with a tiny corner cut off so that you can squeeze it out in controlled amounts.

Drizzle your squirtable chocolate over your arranged pretzels in continuous circles to create a spider web effect! Or you can be creative and design your spider web any way you want! As long as the chocolate touches all the pretzels, the web won’t easily break apart when you pick it up.

Once your webs are looking ready for a little spider to move it, set ‘em aside to cool (or if you’re impatient like us, just pop ‘em in the freezer or fridge for a bit).

Delia of recommends serving these Halloween treats with a bowl of vanilla ice cream –and we couldn’t agree more! Pop over to her website for more instructions and tips on how to spin this easy to make salty-sweet spider treat!



Dirt N’ Worms. This Halloween snack, which comes to us from Sara Wells of, reminds us all of our childhood Halloween parties. This classic always was terrific because it was three sweet treats in one!

halloween snacks worms in dirt pudding

Photo by

To make this dirty but delicious dessert, you need chocolate pudding, Oreos cookies, and gummy worms. You can include different kinds of chocolate puddings if you so desire to create a layering effect inside the cup.

First off, this pudding based snack is best in a clear cup so that you can see the layers from the outside. Pour your chocolate pudding into the bottom of the cup. If you have different kinds of chocolate pudding, then feel free to pour them in the cup one at a time to make a “top-soil” look.

Next, take your Oreo cookies and crush ‘em up as fine as you’d like –they will be your “dirt”! Drop a handful on top of your poured pudding. Finally, take your gummy worms and stick ‘em inside your cup of earth. Burry ‘em, have ‘em stick out –set up your “earthworms” however you like!

Certainly a sweet treat, this desert is always a party favorite!




Have a favorite Halloween themed snack idea that wasn’t mentioned in our roundup? Let us know which Spooky Snack Idea is your favorite by leaving a comment on our official Facebook Page!

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing how you Play Inspired!

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