Activities for the Sidewalk!


The sun may be setting earlier now that fall is quickly approaching, but don’t let it fully set on your outdoor fun! Take your family out this afternoon or weekend and get creative! Hop into a painting like Mary Poppins, or float off into space – all on your sidewalk! Leave your car at home this weekend and enjoy these simple yet amazing games that are perfect for the sidewalk or driveway!

Transport Yourself to Another World with Sidewalk Chalk Art! Turn your sidewalk into a work of beautiful art! Get together with your kids and paint any scenery or alternate world that you can imagine, the possibilities really are endless! The kids can lay down in different poses as if they are part of the painting and ‘transport’ themselves into a whole new world! You can capture the moment from a ladder or a second story window and keep the memory as a keepsake forever! Try the Imperial Toy 20 Piece Chalk Bucket for a full set of colors to design with!

Sidewalk activities chalk art

Color Match with Nature! Encourage your little ones to go out and explore their backyard! Color in or paint a few squares or circles with a variety of different colors. Then create your own outdoor scavenger hunt where the goal is to find as many items in nature that match each color! Not only will they learn about different unique and interesting things that are found in nature, but they will have fun hunting for specific colors! This is also a great seasonal game: kids can see how the same plants or items can change color throughout the year and can belong to more than one color block! You can even hunt for different Honua Bracelets and categorize them based on their elements and matching color blocks!

sidewalk activities color matching

Make Your Own Sidewalk Foam Paint!  Another way to inspire your little painters, and still easily clean up afterwards, is by making your very own paint for your sidewalk! But don’t settle for just any type of paint, now you can make puffy foam paint! Whip up a foamy batch in no time with a few common household items that are easily found around the house and these quick and easy steps from The Tiptoe Fairy! Don’t forget, it’s also a great activity for mom and dad too!

sidewalk activities foam paint

Giant Board Games! Take the fun and excitement of board games outside! Simply choose your favorite board game and recreate it on the sidewalk outside with chalk or washable paint, then invite other children in the neighborhood to join in! If you have a few households participating, you can extend the size of the sidewalk ‘board game’ to connect to other families’ sidewalks! The best part of creating a larger-than-life board game is that it is an easy way to incorporate more exercise and movement into everyone’s day!

sidewalk activities giant board games

Have your own fun sidewalk games that your family plays? Leave us a comment and share them with us by visiting us on Facebook!

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