6 Easy Tips to Blowing Beautiful Bubbles!


Whether you have the Mighty Bubble Wand or a Mini Bubble Stick, anyone can blow bubbles and have a whole lot of fun! When you’re blowing bubbles this spring, keep in mind a few tips and tricks that will help you blow the best bubbles!

1. Some bubble solution is different than others

Not all bubble solution is the same, thicker solution will blow bigger bubbles while other solution might blow smaller bubbles. Our favorite premium bubble solution, Bubble Blitz, has been known to produce some seriously MASSIVE bubbles!

Bubble Blitz Solution

2. Coating your wand

When coating your wand make sure that it is completely submerged in the bubble solution. If your bottle is running low, pour the rest of the solution into another bottle so you can save some bubbles!

3. Where to play

One simple tip to blowing bubbles is going with the wind, not against. So when you’re blowing the bubbles make sure the wind is hitting your back and blow easily as your bubbles race with the wind!

Kids play with bubbles in park

4. Blowing bubbles

There’s more than one way to blow a bubble! It may seem hard at first, but don’t just blow a bubble with all your breath at once. First try a nice, easy stream of air. Thinner solutions may require the lightest breath of air to blow hundreds of bubbles. Thicker solutions require more breath, but a steadier stream of air. Pretend you’re a Bubble Blitz Blowout bubble machine, blowing a constant stream of air right into the middle of the wand. When you think your bubble is big enough, let the huge bubble fly! Girl blowing Bubbles

5. See them float

Here’s where mom or dad might know a few tricks. Try catching the bubbles on the end of the wand! Not only is this fun, but it also lets you blow more bubbles with the same bubble solution! Bubbles will only stick to slightly wet wands, so this may not work on the first try!

6. Putting away the bubble toys

So you’re all bubbled out for the day, make sure you wash off your bubble toys! Bubble Blitz and Super Miracle Bubble solution is non-toxic, but your bubble wands can dry up to be pretty sticky if you don’t wash them after use!

Thank you for reading, have fun this National Bubble Week and don’t forget to #PlayInspired !

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