5 Ways to Play With Your Power Poppers


Did you know that is more than one way to play with your Power Poppers™? Our Power Poppers™ are 3” figures made of soft, durable foam, and can fly over 24 times their own height! Check out the following 5 ways to play with your Power Poppers™!


1. Draw circles on the ground surrounding a bull’s-eye circle. Each circle represents a different number of points. Aim for a different circle every time to collect the most points!

2. Use a basketball net, either outside or on the back of your bedroom door and try to get your Power Poppers™ inside!

3. Set up three soda cans on the sidewalk, curb, or on a park bench and try and knock over as many as you can!

4. Make your own target and try and hit it with your Power Popper™!

5. Use a box to launch your Power Poppers™ and see how far you can launch them!

If you can't get enough of our Power Poppers, check out this video!


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