5 Ways to Brighten Up Bath Time!


Load up the Bubbles because we are making bath time fun again!

Got the bath time blues? Tired of hearing, “but mom, I don’t want a bath!”?

Bath time is an important part of a child’s day, not only is it a chance for them to get cleaned up and wind down, but it is also a time for fun, playing, learning and a chance to bond! A kid not wanting to jump into the bathtub is an all-too familiar story that many parents face daily. The same old bath toys and bubbles may be old news for your child. If you’re looking for a secret trick into convincing them to get into the bath, it may be much simpler than you think.

Here are some 5 tips and tricks to making bath time something all kids will be plunging right into!

Colorful Water
Water is fun to play with, but by adding color, bath water can become something magical! You can simply add food coloring or water colors to the bath water or fill various spray bottles with different colored water. Slowly, the water in the tub will begin to change colors and your child will feel like they have magic powers! What was once clear water will become blue like the ocean, or green like grass! Let their imagination run free!

Rainbow Bath Water for Bath Time


DIY Bath Bombs
With bath bombs being a popular adult craze, why not make your very own child bath bomb? We love the one from Fun At Home With Kids, where they hid mini dinosaurs in the middle of their bath bombs! Talk about a super fun surprise, after all the suds and bubbles disappear! Follow the link for the super easy and quick recipe to bubble up your bath time!

DIY Bath Bombs


Themed Bath Tub Time
Have you tried having a themed bath time? One of our favorite themes is a frog themed bath time with floating lily pads and lots of little toy frogs! Your child will be able to immerse themselves into a pond full of little frogs and will definitely want to jump right into bath time!

Themed Bath Tub Time


Paint with Shaving Cream
Another colorful way to turn bathtime into creative time is painting with shaving cream! Fill a cupcake tin with shaving cream, add a few drops of water color, mix and your little Picasso is ready to paint! Use a paint brush or fingers and paint along the sides of the tub or on the tiles. Clean up is easy, just wipe clear after bathtime is over.

Shaving Cream Paint for Bath TimeSource:

Glow Sticks
Last but not least, if you are looking for a way to brighten up bath time, buy glow sticks and throw them in the tub! If you can dim the lights, the glow in the tub will be even brighter! Add lots of bubbles to make them all change colors with the glow sticks! It’s a quick and easy way get your child glowing about bath time!

Glow Sticks for Bath TimeSource:

Take these five tips, try them out, adapt them and make them your own! Let’s get your child wanting to have bath time, not just to get clean but to play, learn and have fun!

 Get your bath time bubbling and as always, Play Inspired!

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