5 Healthy Snacks for Picky Eaters


We know how hard it can be to get your kids to eat their vegetables. But, as any celebrity chef has taught us, cooking is as much about plating and presentation as it is about the actual food. And if you’re raising picky eaters, some of these fun (and healthy!) snacks might be the way to go with your little ones.

Banana Pretzel Butterflies

Cut up some bananas and put curly pretzels behind them as wings. Easy solution! Apple slices make excellent antennae, and small triangles can work as eyes. Plate, and done! Bon appétit!

Banana Pretzel Butterfly

Photo Credit: Super Healthy Kids

Fruit Pizza

A “slice” of watermelon, topped with thin banana slices and apple chunks to make a unique take on the traditional fruit salad. Add some blueberries, kiwi, tangerine slices as “toppings,” as well as anything else you can think of, and give your kids something delicious to enjoy with their movie.

Watermelon pizza slices with fruit toppings

Vegetable Rainbows

Use pepper slices to create a rainbow on a plate for little kids who might be a bit picky with their veggies. Slices of red, orange, yellow, and green bell peppers come to life as a beautiful rainbow using two small cauliflower florets as clouds. Gorgeous, and so adorable—as Jill Dubien says, “Serve this yummy snack to your kids, and you’ll surely see them smile.”

Vegetable Rainbows

Photo Credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Egg Snowman

Make it winter in the summer with two hardboiled eggs, a carrot, and some peppercorns. Of course, you’ll need a couple of toothpicks to hold your creation together, but this easy and adorable tutorial explains everything in a few simple steps. Your kids will love it, and you’ll have fun making it too!

Snowman made out of eggs and carrots

Photo Credit: Roxy’s Kitchen

Grilled Cheese Rolls

Okay, this one might not be soooooo healthy. But it’s a fun take on a classic favorite—substitute the bread and cheese for gluten free and vegan options if you or your little ones have any allergies. Check out this awesome recipe for a new twist on your kids’ favorite after-school snack, and make your kids even more excited to come home.

Awesome grilled cheese roll ups

Photo Credit: Spend with Pennies

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