5 Adventures to Take With Your Kids This Summer


July might be coming to a close, but there’s still plenty of time for the family to enjoy some summer fun! Before the little ones head back to school, here are some must-do adventure ideas to take with your kids. The best part of each idea is that it can be tailored to be a long distance adventure or a close-to-home one.

Overnight Hiking, Camping or Portaging Trip

Take the family on a wilderness extravaganza at a National Park or local trail. If you are close enough to make a trip to one of these parks, plan out a day hike or canoe trip through the park and finish it off with a family campout. For a closer to home option, visit a local forest trail in your area during the day and then set up camp in your backyard for the evening. Even if you don’t leave the neighborhood, it will still be an extra-special night out of the house.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take the family to a weekend sports game! There’s nothing better than going to a game on a hot summer day and enjoying drinks, food and snacks while cheering on your team. For the sports enthusiasts, you can plan to go see an away game in a neighboring city or state and experience the excitement of being in a brand new setting.

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Star Gazing

Summer nights are often some of the best for star gazing, so take the family for a galactic  adventure and watch the stars together. A lot of cities and towns have local star gazing/observational sites that are available to the public and some even have guides available to help to new visitors. For those interested in a road trip adventure, several states have their own large-scale Astronomical Observatories that are also available to the public for visits.

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Build a Fort Together

Forts are fun for the whole family! If you’re looking for a longer summer-time project, a backyard fort or tree house can provide the family endless hours of fun. Break down the work and give the kids some of the  tasks to keep them involved and excited about the project. If the weather doesn’t hold up for working outdoors, forts can easily get set up indoors. All you need are blankets, pillows, chairs or ties, and twinkle lights!

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A Day at the Amusement Park or Carnival

Amusement parks and carnivals are a one-stop shop to fun. They have a wide variety of activities to satisfy every family member: rides, treats and food, games, face painting, water parks and even shady rest areas for the weary. If you want a quick getaway before the summer ends, this is the way to go. Don’t forget any travelling pop-up carnivals that may be visiting. Although not as big as other amusement parks, they are still a great way for the family to have some good old fashioned fun together.

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