3 Bubble Party Must-Haves


3 Bubble Party Must-Haves

Start your spring off with never ending bubble fun! All are amazed by shiny bubbles that can fill up a whole room in seconds. If you are inside or outside it doesn’t matter, you can have bubble fun anywhere! Planning your next outdoor or indoor bubble bash can be fun and easy, with these three awesome bubble party must-haves:

1.       Bubble Blitz Fantasia

For your bubble party you will need an endless supply of bubbles for party success! You will need:The Bubble Blitz Fantasia! Set up the Bubble Blitz Fantasia in the central area, insert SMB Bubble Blitz solution into machine and turn on. Give about a minute for the bubbles to start up. In minutes you can fill a whole room with bubbles. All will go wild as the machine spins 360 degrees, and lights up with three bright LED lights! Blow thousands of high floating bubbles in just seconds. Parents will love that this machine is durable and effective! This machine will provide hours of inside or outside bubble fun for your next bubble bash!

2.     SMB Bubble Refill Station

The SMB Bubble refill station is the perfect solution when it comes to bubble party activities!  Convenient, cost effective, and easy, one 33 piece Bubble Refill Station comes with 18 different bubble wands, six bubble trays, six bubble blowers, and three mini bubble sticks- all in fun, bright colors. Most importantly, the refill station holds up to 128 fl oz of Bubble Solution, allowing kids to refill their own bubble trays again and again with the easy refill spout. This party favorite will not let you down!

3.    Figural Bubble Toppers

What party is complete without party favors!  Keep the bubble magic going long after the party is over with Imperial’s new Star Wars Figural Toppers.  This playful twist on a classic bubble bottle and wand will be a big hit among kids and parents alike.  These Star Wars Figural Toppers provide long lasting, lively entertainment with a unique combination of bubble blowing action and popular Star Wars characters. Kids will have a blast choosing from Star Wars favorites including, Yoda, Darth Vader, and R2D2. Give your guests a chance to bring the party home with this awesome party favor!

Now go ahead and get the bubble party started!

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