10 Cool Collectibles Kids Will Love


At some point in our kids’ lives, they’re probably going to collect something. According to research, kids love learning about the world around them and having responsibilities to take care of something they own. There’s something about taking care of something you built yourself that our kids just love!

If you or your child is looking into building a collection, there are TONS of things that are beautiful, collectible, and affordable! Here’s a list of Imperial Toy's 10 favorite kid- friendly collectibles:

1. Rocks (and minerals)

Let’s be honest, rocks are pretty great. Rocks come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all awesome in their own way. Learning about rocks is fun and doing research on rocks helps kids learn about geography, geology, and chemistry!

Rocks - Imperial Toy


2. Coins

Coin collecting is a hobby that anyone can start for just a few cents! Collecting coins can be a great way to teach your child about geography, math, and, of course, money.

Coins - Imperial Toy

Source: Don Farrall/Photodisc/Getty Images

3. Menus

Everyone likes food! Most restaurants offer some kind of take-out menu and storing them is easy! They can also be great mementos of family vacations and a good way to learn about other cultures.


4. Postcards

Post cards are windows into the landscape of a far-off place which teach kids about geography. Post cards from friends usually have a nice note on the back of them, and are generally available at post offices and airports.

5. CDs and Vinyl

CDs feature awesome artwork in beautiful jewel cases. Vinyl records are also highly collectible with their oversized art and superior sound quality!


David Herrmann/Getty Images

6. Bottle Caps

A bottle cap collection is a pretty neat way to keep tabs on you and your child’s adventures in soda! Most cultures have their own variation on classics like Coca-Cola and Sprite.


7. Toys

Of course toys! Toys can feature your favorite movie and comic book characters or they can be a whole lot of good, old-fashioned fun! Power Poppers do both! First of all, they come in a highly collectible package, just look at that awesome built-in display case! Secondly, they are really fun to play with!! Just pop one of these bad boys to watch it fly up to 6 feet in the air! They come in Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk styles with more to come in Fall 2016!



8. Books

Books are beautiful. Many books have covers and binding which are designed by very talented designers, not to mention they have great stories told within them! Reading is also good for cognitive development. If you’re looking to save some money, used book stores are a great way to find books around colleges and universities.

Source: Children’s Books. Photo from urbanworkbench on Flickr Creative Commons.

9. Playing Cards

If you think all playing cards are the same, think again! A trip to your local Target or Walmart store’s game aisle will reveal at least three different styles of playing cards. Hobby shops, gift stores, and even airports often have their own sets of unique cards.


10. Photographs

All these collections are wonderful and beautiful, but there’s nothing more meaningful than something you create yourself. When a photographer takes a photograph it means “this moment is worth preserving in time forever.” Old-fashioned Polaroid pictures are a great way to store your photos.


Whatever you choose to collect, it is uniquely yours. No two collections are exactly the same, so go out and make one with your child today!

Thanks for reading and Play Inspired!

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